• Shemesh07

    If you are looking for a unique experience, this is the lugar .Kibbutz De Rita has alot to offer travelers in Panama. 
    Once you get there, you feel like in casa. Begins with a beautiful garden with all kinds of animals like monkeys, rare birds, toucans, etc. ... Great !! private zoo is amazing to wake up every morning and have coffee playing with monkeys. 
    They have 5 or 6 cozy and comfortable, with good beds, clean sheets and bathroom, also with internet AC. Free also available. 
    The highlight of the place is of course Rita, always friendly, smiling, she will do anything for you and it is the best food ever! 
    another highlight is Moti, he will give you the time of life, touring the country in his jeep. He is a professional guide, and knows his job. Trust it will take youto places where there have happened without him. 
    We spent 5 days and it was hard to leave the place, it's like we were saying goodbye to his family !!! 
    Highly recommended in every way!


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    The hotel is great moty and rita hosted us like its our home, the food was amazing They cooked. Were the tours Amazing- moty knows every corner of Panama and u get real expirience that you ' will never get in any tourist information or website. by far - the best time i had !!


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